Monday, 14 September 2020

Robotics Announcement

 Saints Bot #4688

Team Meeting #1 Announcement

Monday September 14th, 2020


Hey Saints... what do you call an unhappy robot? A SIGH-borg! Get it? "Sigh" as in "S-I-G-H!" It's okay if you didn't guess that one right away Saints, because we'll know you'll get this next one... where at St. Anne will you not find any unhappy robots? That's right, the Saints Bot robotics team! 


Calling all S.T.E.M-enthusiastic, business-savvy, and robot-loving Saints! If you love trying new things and are interested in joining an inclusive group of St. Anne mechanical and electrical engineering pros, safety specialists, programming experts, and, yes, even business and media masters, then please consider joining our St. Anne Saints Bot robotics team, which is continuing virtually! We guarantee that we have something that will pique your interest, even if you’re new to the robotics world! 


Please visit for more information on what we're about, our past accomplishments and events, and to sign up for our team (which can be done by filling out the form under the "join" tab!) Additionally, please check out our Instagram account, @frc4688, for other cool Saints Bot content! 


Our first meeting will be on Thursday September 24th at 6:30 PM though a Microsoft Teams video conference. Only past Saints Bot members and new students who sign up for the team on our website will be given access to the meeting, so make sure you fill out that form on our website ASAP if you are interested! 


See you at 6:30 PM on Thursday September 24th, new and old Saints Bot Saints!